Faith * Self-Love & Self-care * Healing * Transformation
Faith * Self-Love & Self-care * Healing * Transformation
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I am blessed. I am healthy. I am happy.
I am loved. I am a creator. I am an Elect lady.
But most importantly, I am me.
I am....Author Tranisha!
I am an Author, Entrepreneur, Freelance Blogger, Social Media Influencer, and Announcement Clerk in my local church. Most importantly, I am a firm believer in, and follower of Jesus Christ, and a Mom of a pair of great kids, currently residing with my  family in Southeast, Texas. I enjoy the simple things in life and love being around family and friends. I am passionate about encouraging others to be better versions of themselves through the word of God, to follow their dreams and utilize their God given gifts and talents, and to make sure to take of care of themselves during the process.



I have always had a passion for writing, whether it be a poem, a short story, essays for school, if it could be written, I wrote it! I also have a very active imagination and when things weren't going well, writing became my escape from reality, that was, until writers block hit. It wasn't until my heart was broken and God began to restore me, did I find a newfound love for writing and also changed my writing style. With that came my debut Workbook & Self Discovery Journal, Refining Your Life Through The Fire, then Dear Woman of God. The literature I produce have become a way for me to encourage God's people while also encouraging myself. My inspiration comes from God, my church leaders, my loved ones and my readers. 


 “If I can encourage at least ONE person to turn to God with everything they have,  go after everything they were meant to obtain, and know that they were created for more, then I can say I have fulfilled my purpose!” I am here to encourage you and remind you that God loves you and so do I. I want to make sure that every woman knows that you are valued, and that you are to give yourself grace (we are not perfect), take care of yourself through self care exercises and delving deeper in the word of God. You are not in this world alone and your battles are already won through Christ. Know that your purpose, your deliverance, your salvation, your transformation, everything you need is in Christ!  


You are the ones who keep me going! Knowing that someone is reading my content and being blessed by it, gives me the continued motivation to keep writing! I am honored to be able to present you all with new content! 

-Author Tranisha Harkless-