Faith * Self-Love & Self-care * Healing * Transformation
Faith * Self-Love & Self-care * Healing * Transformation
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No matter what you may have been led to believe or what you may have even told yourself, you my dear friend, DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. Most people find that their happiness is in their career, theri children, their marriage, whatever the reason. Just remember that true happiness comes from within. You have to have happiness within yourself to truly have happiness anywhere. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. As long as doing what makes you happy doesn't bring hurt or harm to anyone else. I'm sure you all can use your best judgement in knowing what not to do. You enjoy silent movies? GO SEE THEM? You enjoy stage plays? GO WATCH ONE. You enjoy sitting at the beach? GO SIT AT THE BEACH. Don't let anyone make you feel that what you like to do is crazy or boring. It's for YOU not them! I love going to the Art Museum, I can stand and stare at a painting for hours. I can spend an entire day in an art museum by myself because I love art in all forms. Some people may find it boring, but its my happy place and I enjoy it, its for my enjoyment not theirs. If you have kids, set aside time to take them to do what they individually like. Because we are so diverse we all have different things that make us happy as do our kids, so we have to take the time to allow them to do something that makes them happy and then come together as a family that brings happiness to everyone as a whole. The same if you have a significant other, don't be so focused on your own happiness that you forget to recognize theirs as well. While thinking about writing this topic today, I began to think about the things I do to be happy. When I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed, I drop everything and go to my happy places, whether it be talking to God, painting, writing, ( I won't name them all, because let's be clear, I have quite a few things that bring me to my happy place.) The point is, take time to get to know yourself, learn what makes you happy, and DO IT.

Regardless of where you are in life YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

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