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Faith * Self-Love & Self-care * Healing * Transformation
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Saved, Single and SECURE


So where do I even start with this one?! Let's just jump right in there! How does being single, saved, and secure look to me? Very different from what i thought it would, I can tell you that! I was first saved while I was legally single, but in a relationship. My partner at the time got saved later and then we got married. In my mind it was the right thing to do, I loved him and I no longer wanted to live in sin. Let me tell you right now, if aren't 100% sure God is telling you to do something, DO NOT DO IT!!! That will be a story for another day...MAYBE. Flash forward a few years, I am divorced and on my own again. This time I was at rock bottom, I had lost my source of income, and was virtually homeless (going from pillar to post) with two kids. It was a rough and depressing time. I felt like I had failed my kids by not having a back up plan. I felt i was being judged harshly by others. Thee were even moments of suicidal thoughts that ran across my mind. Looking back at where i was, I was in the perfect position for God to come in and change my life. There was no one to really help me the way I needed. Of course there were some who knew the situation and helped how they could, but what I needed was God. I had my salvation, I was still faithful in church, still doing all i knew how to please God, yet I was BROKEN on the inside. But here I am saved and single! I have never lived this life before, I have never experienced things like this before. god was growing me up in the midst of my pain. The only thing I could do was lean on my Father in Heaven. And let me tell you, the decision came because there was nothing else for me to do BUT try God FOR REAL!! for me, it has been a process to say the least. In making the decision to give everything to God, i have been so blessed. It has been more than a financial or a natural thing, it is the Spiritual blessings that I have been moist happy with! Yes, God blessed me with a job, yes he made a way for me to move into a new home during a pandemic with limited finances, yes he helped me to write and publish my second book, but what has been happening on the inside of me far exceeds anything natural that I've obtained. God healed my broken heart, made sure i didn't turn cold toward men and love. god rescued me from myself. God showed me that I mater. God gave me my confidence back. God showed me who I am. God gave me PURPOSE! God showed me that if I truly give me life to him, he would provide for all of my needs! and he has been doing just that!! I was afraid of being single because I wanted that security of someone else being there and helping me. But God showed me, being single was nothing to be afraid of. I have the time to serve him, to do what pleases him with no distractions. I have the security I longed for, and it's a security that will never go away. God showed me that in him, I am loved, cared for, safe and secure. I was worrying about being alone, when God has been there the entire time and will always be there. Moral of the story is, I found out who I really was, when I gave the pen back to the true author of my life! Being Saved AND Single comes with it's own set of temptations and trials, but it also comes with the security of Jesus.
If you are feeling like you are struggling to stay saved in your singleness, reach out, TRUST ME, there are women (for the women) and men (for the men) (let's use wisdom) in the faith that can help you! Go to the source (God) and pray for strength and help. HE WILL ANSWER and guide you!
I am saved by grace, single by choice and secure in my life because I strive every day to be more like Jesus! There is NO BETTER security detail than THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT and THE ANGELS that God has charged to watch over us! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you!

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